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My name is Yang Yang, I am thirteen years old. I am a student from Class 3,Grade 2. I am very friendly and easy-going. I like to help others. All myfriends and classmates like me very much. I like playing basketball and volleyball. I often play with my classmates after school. I am good at singing, I wonthe first prize in the singing match last year. I'd like to be a friend of you,how about you?


good morning,my dear teachers,my dear professors.i am very glad to be herefor your interview.my name is song yonghao,i am 22 years old .i come fromluoyang,a very beautiful aicent city.my undergratuade period will beaccomplished in changan university in july ,2004;and now,i am trying my best forobtaining a key to tongji university.

generally speaking ,i am a hard working student especially do the thing iam interested in. i will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is.when i was sophomore, i found web design very interesting, so i learned it veryhard . to weaver a homepage for myself, i stayed with my pesonel computer forhalf a month.,and i am the first one in my class who own his homepage.forthermore,i am a person with great perserverence. during the days preparingfor the first e_amination,i insist on running every day, no matter what theweather was like.and just owning to this,i could concentrate on my study andsucceeded in the end.

well ,in my spare time ,i like basketball, tennis and chinese chess. alsoenglish is my favorate.i often go to english corner to practise my oral englishon every thursday,and write compositions to improve my witten ability .but iknow my english is not good enough ,i will continue studying.

ok, that is all,thank you for your attention.


My name is zhang_iaoyu, a undergraduate from Chongqing university, and willget my two bachelor degrees in 2011. I have 2 majors, one is English and mysecond major is international trade.i’d like to summarize myself from 3aspects:

Firstly, I am an e_cellent learner. Learning two majors is a challenge butI balance them very well. I wan Third-class Scholarship of Chongqing Universityfor three times. My GPA was 3.47 and ranks numer.12 in the college of 150students. what’s more, I have joined in some English competitions and won someprizes, which you can see the details in my resume.

Secondly, I am an e_cellent team-player. I have served as the Commissary inCharge of Organization of my class and the vice president of the art unionof

Chongqing university. I play piano very well and I have organized orparticipated in many activities , which improved my coordination andorganization abilities and communication skills.

Thirdly, I am an e_cellent practitioner. I have participated in thescientific research project of chonqging university and also have some interne_periences. I once worked as the Assistant to the secretary of manager of acompany and part-time salesgirl. now I am serving as the campus ambassador ofGree Conpany. All the social practices


Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let meintroduce myself. My name is Yuwenmi, 24. I come from Nanchang,the capital ofJiang_i Province. I graduated from the __department of __University in July,2001.In the past two years I have been prepareing for the postgraduatee_amination while I have been teaching __in NO.__middle School and I was ahead-teacher of a class in junior grade two.

Now all my hard work has got a result since I have a chance to be interviewby you. I am open-minded ,quick in thought and very fond of history.In my sparetime,I have broad interests like many other youngers.I like reading books,especially those about __.Frequently I e_change with other people by makingcomments in the forum on line.In addition ,during my college years,I was once aNet-bar technician.So, I have a comparative good command of networkapplication.I am able to operate the computer well.I am skillful in searchingfor information in Internet.

I am a football fan for years.Italian team is my favorite.Anyway,I feelgreat pity for our country's team. I always believe that one will easily lagbehind unless he keeps on learning .Of course, if I am given a chance to study__ in this famous University,I will spare no effort to master a good command ofadvance __


Good morning. Thank you for taking your time. It’s really my honor to havethis opportunity to take part in this interview. Now, I would like to introducemyself briefly.

My name is LinJing. I am 23 years old and born in Qingdao. I graduated fromGuangzhou University. My major is English. And I got my bachelor degree after mygraduation. I also studied Audit in Hebei Normal University of Science andTechnology. I am very interested in English and study very hard on this subject.I had passed TEM-8 and BEC Vantage. I worked in an American company at thebeginning of this year. My spoken English was improved a lot by communicatingwith Americans frequently during that period.

I am very optimistic and easy to get along with. I have many friends.Teamwork spirit is very important in this age. I think if we want to make bigachievement, it’s very important to learn how to cooperate with other people. Mymotto is "characters determine destity", so I alwarys remind myself to be honestand modest to everyone .

As a motto goes "attitude is everything". If I get this job, I will put allmy heart in it and try my best to do it well.